Whose Line Chattanooga

By Improv Chattanooga (other events)

74 Dates Through Dec 14, 2019

New Start Time! 9:30pm! Doors Open at 9pm!

This is a Short Form Improv show, similar to that TV show you might be familiar with. We'll play some of the same games you are familiar with from that show, as well as games you've never seen before!

For each game, we get a suggestion from the audience and use it as the inspiration for the scene that follows. The catch? Each game has one or more rules that make the scenes hard for the actors, and hilarious for the audience.

For example, for one of our favorite games, "New Phone Who Dis?" we get a volunteer from the audiece to give us their cell phone and we give it to an actor. That actor can then only speak using things found in the messaging app of the phone. It's both terrifying, and hilarious!


Mailing Address

1800 Rossville Ave #118 Chattanooga TN 37408