Your Stories - Presented by Improv Chattanooga

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47 Dates Through Nov 20, 2021

Life is funny, and everyone has a story to tell. At Improv Chattanooga, we like helping to bring Your Stories to life!

Saturday night at 8pm, we’ll start the show by coming to you, the audience, and asking for you to share a short story from your life. Then, we’ll use that story as inspiration for hilarious Long-Form Improv!

If you can’t think of a story now, don’t worry. When you get to the theater we’ll have some topic suggestions that you can use to inspire you! Love, despair, adventure, disaster, it’s all fair game.

So, join us this Saturday at Improv Chattanooga for a show unlike anything else in town! A show built entirely from YOUR Stories!

Mailing Address

3712 Ringgold Rd #346 Chattanooga TN 37412