Chattanooga’s Secret History

By Improv Chattanooga (other events)

16 Dates Through Dec 07, 2019

A tattered photo... a diary found in an old shoe box... an alien-autopsy video shot in the Space House with your Grandfather performing the operation? What the...?

Yes, Chattanooga is a place with a lot of History. The first Saturday of each month, Improv Chattanooga and Picnooga will be exploring this history in a new monthly show, "Chattanooga’s Secret History."

We'll start with some pictures from our friends at Picnooga, along with some text they've provided that explains the history behind the image. Then, the cast of Improv Chattanooga will take the stage and explore the REAL story behind the photo.

Where will it lead? Who knows? Maybe we'll finally expose the truth behind the novelty song, "Pardon Me Roy." Or, dig into the true history behind Luther's secret squad of avenging Canine Crusaders. Heck, we might even tell you what's really buried in the catacombs of Rock City.

The only way to find out is to join us at 8pm on the first Saturday of each month as Picnooga and Improv Chattanooga Proudly Present, Chattanooga’s Secret History!

  • Doors Open at 7:30pm.
  • Show Starts at 8pm.
  • This show is rated PG-13. 
  • BYOB

A portion of the proceeds for this show goes to support Picnooga and it's mission to explore the history of the Chattanooga area.


Mailing Address

1800 Rossville Ave #118 Chattanooga TN 37408