Improvising From Character: The Choice That Guides All Choices

By Improv Chattanooga (other events)

Saturday, September 23 2023 2:00 PM 5:00 PM EDT

Discovering and managing a character's POINT OF VIEW on stage in improvisation is a crucial skill that often remains undeveloped.

This class will teach performers how to quickly grab a POV (the choice that guides all choices) and how to develop and nurture those choices through a scene or show, using environment, gifts and relationships with other characters to fully be able to play character — the filter through which only your character looks. 

Join Rich Talarico, a 30 year improv vet and alumnus of The Second City and Improv Olympic, as he leads this informative character/pov workshop! 

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“Rich Talarico is one of  the all time great Caucasian Improvisers.”
— Tina Fey 

“As a teacher, Rich Talarico brings Lakers legendary coach Phil Jackson to mind. A cerebral educator who brings out the best in people.” 
— Keith "Lucky" Lehrer original drummer of “Circle Jerks”

“Rich is the embodiment of good improv: positive, giving, and genuine.”
— Colin Thornton - co-founder, Improv Cincinnati

“Rich’s workshop is considered a ‘must take’ at any festival he attends.”
— Chris Moody - Producer, Detroit Improv Festival

“Rich shows you how small gifts build to deep, wonderful characters and scenes."
— Cean Okada, Student

"Rich's class left me feeling confident and having many tools at my disposal to instantly create stronger scenes.  The surprising thing is how simple these ideas are.”
— Steve Halasz, Student

“Rich loves to teach, but also wants to learn from his students.  His passion and respect for improv as an ever-evolving art form is infectious. Also, he’s a shitload of fun.”
—  Amy Rhodes, Student

"Since his workshop, I've been happily stealing Rich’s exercises and have seen such a huge difference with our students. I'm forever grateful for this class and can't wait to work with Rich again in the future." 
— Kevin Shimko, Artistic Director of the Comedy Arts Theater of Charlotte (CATCh)


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