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Improv "Movie" Night Presents: Sword and Sorcery Movie

By Improv Chattanooga (other events)

58 Dates Through Jun 28, 2019

Every Friday at 8pm, Improv Chattanooga creates an ENTIRE MOVIE right before your eyes! We get the movie's title from YOU the audience and then our actors take the stage to create a one-of-a-kind show that never goes into reruns!

This week, we're traveling deep into the bowels of fantasy classics with a Sword and Sorcery Movie! 

* Heed this warning, all who dare to enter. This week's journey be not for the faint of heart! Only the bravest and mightiest warriors (who coincidentally, also look fabulous in leather) shall persevere against the forces of eeeevil.

* Be you brave? Thou must also be clever! For the forces of darkness lurk in the most unlikely of places. Perhaps here and now they hide in the shadows of your electronic brain box.Tarry not in the land they call "fore chan". Tis a place of great suffering.

* Even the truly powerful require aid to crush their foes! Gather thine companions in great numbers, acquire mead and gold for the journey and venture onward to Improv Chattanooga for the quest of a lifetime!

Or, preorder your ticket now, and get a FREE small popcorn when you arrive! (You get one with each ticket!)

Doors open at 7:30pm. Show starts at 8pm


$10 at the door.
$5 Student price for one show

BYOB. Light Concessions Available.

PLEASE NOTE: The genre of movie for this show changes EVERY WEEK! If this week's movie genre isn't your cup of tea here's a list of what's coming up:

* 06/28 Summer Romance Flick


Mailing Address

1800 Rossville Ave #118 Chattanooga TN 37408