Improv "Movie" Night Presents:Star Wars

By Improv Chattanooga (other events)

80 Dates Through Dec 20, 2019

A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away....

A small rebel fleet gathered to participate in the annual celebration known as "May the 4th Day". This group of individuals called "improvisers", reenacted heroic battles, beautiful love stories, and some weird stuff about exploding sausages.

News of their entertaining stories reached resistance fighters across the galaxy, inspiring a new hope for those who had lost the will to laugh. And thus, IMPROV MOVIE NIGHT was born.

We join our heroes now, on what could be their final journey to create the perfect star wars masterpiece. Many before them have tried and failed to master the force of improv comedy. But legend tells of a born improviser. A true master, who will one day take the stage and lead the resistance to victory....

Doors open at 7:30pm. Show starts at 8pm
Buy your ticket online in advance and receive a FREE SMALL POPCORN at the door!
$10 at the door.
$5 Student price for one show
BYOB. Light Concessions Available.

PLEASE NOTE: The genre of movie for this show changes EVERY WEEK! If this week's movie genre isn't your cup of tea here's a list of what's coming up:
To be continued...

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