Comedy Island

By Improv Chattanooga (other events)

2 Dates Through Mar 09, 2019

Welcome to Comedy Island! A show where laughs are made and relationships are tested.

This month we're bringing the excitement to the Improv Chattanooga in, well, Chattanooga, TN! For this edition of our show we're gathering some of our favorite Chattanooga comics, as well as some hilarious nationally touring comics, to compete in our chaotic comedy competition.

Comedy Island is a comedy competition based around the reality TV show Survivor. The show begins with six comedians who will go through five unique rounds to test their range of writing. The rounds will consist of ‘pun-liners’, impressions, roasts, crowd work, and stand up. After each round, the crowd votes for a winner for that round. The chosen comedian is granted immunity, and the remaining comedians must vote someone off of the show. This process will be repeated for the following rounds until there are two comedians left. The final two comedians each perform a five minute set, from which the crowd chooses a winner.

This edition's contestants:
Donnie Marsh
Bridgette Martin
Hunter Roberts
Scott Eason
Laura Peek
Ethan McFall

Doors open at 5:30pm, show begins at 6pm.

Hosted and produced by Greg Behrens and Aaron Chasteen

Music and sound effects by Spencer Ruizzo

Mailing Address

1800 Rossville Ave #118 Chattanooga TN 37408